What Causes Age Spots, Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma And How You Can Fade These Dark Spots From Your Skin?

The worse thing about age spots or any dark pigmented area on the skin is that if you don’t do anything about them they just keep getting darker and bigger.

In time the spots start spreading and the problem area gets larger. That is what causes people to look aged.

Unprotected overexposure to the sun over time, cause the skin to become almost completely spotted especially on the face, arms, shoulders, décolletage (area above the chest) and the hands.

There are various kinds of skin spots. The most common are associated with sun exposure.

Hormone irregularities, which can create a condition known as melasma in women after taking hormones and also in some cases when pregnant is one.

Another is called glycation which is when sugar reacts with protein molecules that have become damaged by the sun.

As the skin gets older it also becomes thinner. This allows more damage thus accelerating the appearance of age spots.

Re-establishing the protective barrier and nourishing the skin helps reduce the occurrence of skin discoloration.

The underlying cause of all skin pigment problems is damage to the skin. It really doesn’t matter where the damage came from. If it was from the sun, an outbreak of acne too much sugar, or some hormones that got out of balance. Once, damage is inflicted to the cells responsible for creating the pigment in the skin they over-produce melanin.

The way our skin produces melanin is through an enzymatic-hormonal process that involves an enzyme called tyrosinase that uses copper to produce the dark pigment.

Without copper no melanin can be produced. Albinos are people with no pigment in their skin. They either have a genetic defect that doesn’t allow tyrosinase to utilize copper or they lack the enzyme entirely that produces the darker colored pigment melanin.

Without copper our skin cannot produce this pigment therefore anything that interferes with tyrosinase’s copper uptake slows down the melanin content of the cells.

Most medical procedures for skin spots involve using some method of removal of the outer layer skin cells. Chemical peels, acid peels and microderm abrasion peel off the outer layers of skin that contain the highest content of melanin reducing the dark, spotty appearance in the process.

There are also some methods that involve going deeper into the skin and basically destroying all the cells.

In most cases lasers are used for this purpose. All of these procedures have risks; including, but not limited to permanent scarring and damage to the skin.

Here is a list of the most common skin lightening ingredients you will find in over the counter and prescription skin lightening creams.


This is a substance that is linked to causing cancer and creating permanent dark skin discolorations. It is banned in most countries; however is available in the U.S at a 2% concentration OTC or in a stronger concentration through a prescription.

Kojic acid:

Is touted a natural ingredient because it is a fermentation by-product. Kojic Acid was proven safe in a test when it was consumed as an element in soy sauce and sake wine: But in another test pure Kojic Acid caused convulsions when injected.

The skin irritancy level is extremely high which is why we mainly see it as a 1% solution. It is also linked with causing cancer and has been banned for use in cosmetics in the countries of Japan (the country of origin) as well as in Korea and Switzerland.

In animal studies Kojic Acid caused birth defects, systemic toxicity of the liver and kidneys and even cancer of the liver.

Also our experiments showed minimal and in some cases non-existent skin lightening effects.

Alpha Arbutin: This is an ingredient that is made by adding a glucose molecule to a toxic chemical called hydrokinon used in photo processing. Hydrokinon is not a misspelled word; chemically it is only a slightly different version of hydroquinone.

Beta Arbutin:

Although this element is touted as being extracted from the herb bearberry. Most of the beta arbutin and alpha arbutin are just chemicals synthesized from toxic petro chemical compounds.

Undecylenic acid: This is an anti fungal drug that has been around for 50 years and is very effective for that use. This drug is mixed with other elements and is being added as a skin lightener under various names. Our experiments showed a high skin irritancy level at concentrations strong enough to produce some effect.

M-tranexamic acid:

Is a anti clotting drug that is added as a skin lightening ingredient. M-tranexamic acid can cause blood clots and is not something we would recommend putting on your skin 2 to 3 times per day.

In addition to the skin lightening ingredients other toxic chemicals are included in their products. You will commonly see the preservatives parabens and phenoxyethanol.

Below is a list of additional harmful substances that are routinely used in skin lightening products.

Various “peg” compounds like Peg 4, Peg 75 which are Polyethylene glycol compounds that are very toxic to the human body.

Also you’ll see Butylene Glycol, it is an industrial anti freeze.

Cetearyl Alcohol can cause contact dermatitis and sensitivity.

Dimethicone, same silicone oil that was banned in breast implants is so occlusive on the skin it traps dirt and debris and disrupts the Ph of the skin

There are too many others to mention in one brief article.

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A final note I want to add is that I just read a scientific study by Dr Roddie McKenzie at the University of Edinburgh that proves the supplement selenium greatly protects the skin from UV damage. There appears to be a link between the intake of this mineral and skin cancer. Our diets are so lacking in this vital mineral it is probably a good idea to supplement especially if your concerned with skin cancer. If you do purchase this supplement make sure it is one of the following forms selenomethionine, selenocysteine or high selenium yeast, these are the only forms that are proven to be bio-available. The others in my opinion would just be a waste of money.

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