How the toxic effects of chlorine can cause serious health issues

I have always been aware of the issue of your exposure to chlorine in formulating our product line. To anti age, clear up problem skin and get healthier requires skin care products that can help neutralize the effects of your exposure to chlorine.

The chemical chlorine is very toxic and knowing the real facts about this toxic poison can help you make better decisions about your health.

Approximately 75% of the water in the U.S and Canada is treated with chlorine. It has proven to be effective in killing pathogens in water and has helped with eliminating some diseases. But here are some scientific facts on how chlorine can cause some serious health problems.

Chlorine destroys your friendly organisms lining your colon, where about 60 percent of your immune cells operate. And it combines with organic impurities in the water to make trihalomethanes (THMs), or chloramines. THMs are known to increase the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.

When chlorine combines with water it creates a compound called hypochlorite that can oxidize and destroy your essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of your brain and central nervous system.

Mixing chlorinated water with milk creates yellowish deposits similar to arterial plaque. Sixty minutes ran a show back in 1992 that showed 2 rats, one drinking chlorinated water and milk, the other drinking non-chlorinated water and milk.

Autopsies on the animals revealed the rat drinking water with chlorine had severely clogged arteries. The other rat showed no arterial damage. Milk and chlorinated water in my opinion are not something to mix if you want to stay away from a Heart Surgeon.

Chlorine could be one of the biggest causes of heart disease. Dr. Mercola stated in an interview he gave that there were no cardiologists until around 1950. That would be about the time the effects of chlorinated water would start showing up in the population.

Studies in Europe and here in the states have proved that chlorinated water can be a cause of cancer mainly skin and colon cancer. Chlorinated water is known to increase your risk of colon cancer by at least 100%.

Chlorine in swimming pools reacts with all the organic matter like sweat, urine, blood, feces and mucus to form chloramines which create the toxin chloroform. In an indoor swimming pool the amount of chloroform in the air can reach critical levels.

Staying at a hotel with the indoor swimming pool is not healthy and that community hot tub at the hotel or on a cruise ship is something that would be wise to pass on.

Most skin care products are made with chlorinated water. Can you call a product organic if you use chlorinated water in your products? A lot of companies do and if you care about you and your families’ health, limit your exposure to chlorine as best you can.

Don’t take showers for to long and make sure it is vented.

Even your dishwasher is releasing chlorine fumes in your home, try and have some kind of ventilation when it is running.

Also a shower filter and a filter on your faucet can help limit your exposure. Even something as simple as a Brita water pitcher can help cut down your exposure.

However the best water is fresh spring water, search for a spring you can fill containers up at. You would be surprised at the springs available even close to major cities.

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