So what is the best predictor to answer the question, how long will I live?

The answer is going to surprise a lot of people. Its not some sophisticated test.

Okay, lets hear a drum-roll, the answer is "looking younger than most of your peers in your age category." That's right, the younger you look the longer you are going to live, its really that simple.

Look at the following pictures, they are identical twins. Which one do you think is going to live longer?

These pictures are from A study called the Longitudinal Study of Aging Danish Twins from The Danish Aging Research Center and The Danish Institute of Public Health.

In this study they analyzed 1,826 twins and had doctors, nurses and lay people look at pictures of the twins and determine who looked older. The picture turned out to be the best predictor of longevity. The twin who looked older, died sooner than the younger looking one.

Looking younger and living longer is not having procedures. Its eating right, exercising, developing good relationships, meditation, skin care and many others.

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