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The root cause of aging for most people is reduced blood flow. It really doesn’t matter if it is aged-problem skin, pain, squeaky joints, hair-scalp problems, libido issues, memory, reduced function of the heart or internal organs and many others. It basically comes down to a reduced flow of blood to the effected area.

That is why when you exercise vigorously and often, you will look and feel younger longer because you are pushing more blood flow to all parts of your body.

So why does that make you look and feel younger longer? Because, you are delivering more nutrients to your cells and flushing out toxins.

For the purpose of this article I want to talk about reduced blood flow to the skin. As you age, the small capillaries that feed the cells of your skin can weaken and start leaking (for example, the bruise spots you see on elderly people’s hands, arms and dark circles under the eyes)-these capillaries also shrink and the flow of nutrients and toxin removal becomes compromised.

The skin, similar to a plant that has compromised delivery of nutrients starts withering and dying.

Your capillaries, to stay flexible, strong and keep renewing are very dependant on the thousands of flavonoids and vitamin C you find in fresh fruits and vegetables and copper fulvic acid mineral complexes. Our clay mask and face cream Mystique contain one of the worlds richest sources of these mineral complexes.

chelated copper fulvic acid mineral complexes are so important to blood vessel growth and renewal. That some researchers make a strong case that the reduced blood flow associated with diabetes (blindness, gangrene extremities) are a result of elevated blood sugar interfering with copper metabolism.

I read a research study where they fed cows high fructose corn syrup and restricted their copper intake and all the cows were dead within 48hrs. Their blood vessels hemorrhaged so rapidly that the researchers hypothesized that high sugar and reduced copper complexes could be a major contributor to cardiovascular disease.

Exercising and eating healthy foods is extremely important for your health. If your not exercising you should start now. Start off making it simple and fun like taking your dog for a walk every day. Gradually working your way up to a point of really pumping your blood and flushing your skin.

Our skin care line is designed to feed your skin and remove toxins transdermally (through the skin). These products are proven to greatly speed up the process of you having better looking skin.

Our latest product is our eye cream "Luminance(tm)"

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Flavinall(tm) is based on our proprietary bio-elemental technology, where whole organic food sources are broken down into 3D molecular elements 1000 times smaller than the average human cell.

Flavinall(tm)is a molecular matrix with over 2000 flavonoids, amino acids, enzymes, mRNA nucleotide molecules (stimulates the DNA in amino acids to form protein structures like collagen and elastin fibres. Plus 80 naturally chelated minerals and fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed.

Flavinall(tm) is 100% natural with no synthetic elements and no chemicals used in the extraction.

Luminance works immediately to diminish dark circles and tighten the sagging skin of the eye area. You can use this free sample on the whole eye area including the lid.

The results are spectacular.

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