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Oxi Glow(tm)
Oxygen Foaming Coffee Scrub(tm)

Exfoliates And Oxygenates Your Skin So Its Silky Smooth, Vibrant And Glowing.

Also Improves Stretch Marks, Scars, Cellulite, Creepy Skin, Age Spots, Hyper-pigmentation,
Wrinkles, Skin Firmness, Varicose Veins, Pores And Dull Dry Flaking Skin.

Special Retail Price $29

12 Ounce Jar

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic jojoba oil esters, Glycerin (usp), Pink himalayan salt, Organic fair trade coffee, Fresh Fruit Enzymes, Organic ginger root, Ceylon Cinnamon, Rare earth oxygen clay, Saponified Coconut and Olive Oil, Trade Secret Mineral Activator (proprietary blend of all natural mineral elements) Organic Vanilla Extract

Directions: Thoroughly wet skin and take a small amount and hold onto the skin for a second or two until the product reacts with the water and starts bubbling-then start spreading and scrubbing.  Alternately scoop scrub into your palm and sprinkle water until it bubbles then start scrubbing (do this before your first use so you know how much water is needed for the product to bubble, do not rub on dry skin). If using on your face use alternate method and use your fingers from your other hand to gently spread and scrub your face. Allow to sit on skin for a minute or two and then rinse.

Not recommended for use on sensitive or freshly shaved skin. Do a skin patch test before use.  Keep product container out of direct contact with water and keep tightly sealed between uses.  Do not apply to much pressure when scrubbing, gentle scrubbing produces best results.

Melon Fusion(tm)
Organic All Natural Whole Body Lotion
Infuses Your Skin With High Levels Of
Superoxide Dismutase (The King Of Anti Oxidants)
Vitamins C and E, B Vitamins, Lycopene, Minerals And Citrulline
All Extracted By Us From Fresh Organic Melons
Combats Collagen Breakdown, Fights Creepy Skin
Improves Scarring, Lightens Spots, Provides UV Antioxidant Protection

Special Retail Price:


8oz Bottle

Ingredients: Bio-Extracted Fresh Organic Watermelon, Cantaloupe And Honeydew Melons, Fresh Spring Water, Organic Hand-filletted Aloe Vera Leaf, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Vegetable And Bees Wax, Grapefruit Extract, Fermented Horseradish (preservative), Melon Essential Oils

Instructions: Liberally Apply Lotion To Your Entire Body Preferably After Bathing 3 to 5 Times Per Week.

Fast Acting-Proveine Vegan Facial Oil
Delivers Complete Proteins To The Deepest Layers Of Your Skin.
Non-Greasy Dispenses With Roll On Applicator.
Nothing Compares With Flooding Your Skin With Protein.
Instantly Tightens, Tones, Makes Your Skin Silky Soft, Wrinkles Smooth And Gives You A Healthy Glow.
Dramatically Improves The Results Of Any Other Product You Use.
The Main Reason For Sagging, Wrinkled Skin As You Age Is A lack Of Protein.

Special Retail Price



Daily Use Will Last 30 Days

Ingredients:  Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Argan Oil,  Organic Jojoba Oil, Trade Secret No-Heat Extraction Of Vegan Food Source Proteins,  Matcha Green Tea, Organic Lavender Buds, Non-GMO Lecithin, Full Spectrum Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Instructions: Use On Face, Neck And Around Eyes. Hold Roll-On Applicator Bottle Upside Down And Roll On Skin. Then Take Your Fingers And Spread Evenly.  Use As A Stand-Alone Product Or Layer On Other Products Using Proveine As The Base. Immediately Your Skin Becomes Firmer, Tighter, Smoother And More Glowing.

Results Improve With Continued Use.


The Mud Rapidly Pushes The Enzyme Peel Deep So More Accumulated Layers Of Dead Skin Are Removed, Immediately Age Spots, Hyper Pigmentation And Blemishes Are Less Visible. Pores Are Cleansed And Reduced And Your Skin Tightens And Lifts. This Product Is Truly Amazing. 

Special Retail Price



Ingredients: Fresh Spring water, Fresh Pineapples, Fresh Papaya, Fresh Asparagus Tips, Bladderwrack Seaweed, Rare Earth mineral clay, , olive oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin c, green tea, peppermint leaf, gotu kola, msm, white oak bark, aloe vera, frankincense,  raw honey, aloe vera juice, Grapefruit Extract, Fermented Horseradish(preservative)

Instructions: Dispense A Small Amount In Your Hand And Spread Evenly On Your Face. Wait A Couple Of Minutes For The Enzymes To Absorb So You Feel A Tingle And Can See Increased Blood Flow And Allow That Effect To Continue A few More Minutes Then Rinse Off.  We Recommend Not Leaving On Longer Than 5 Minutes And No More Than Every Other Day Use.  Redness Is Normal When Using This Product. Do Not Over Use This Product By Leaving On To Long Or Using More Than We Recommend. Do A Patch Test Before Use.

The Regenerator (tm)
Best Cellulite Cream For Improving the Appearance Of Cellulite Or For Tighter More Elastic Skin Anywhere On Your Body.

Instantly Improves The Appearance Of Cellulite.

Helps Stimulate Blood And Fluid Flow Through Even The Most Stubborn Fat.

Instantly Tightens Skin Anywhere You Apply It.

Improves The Appearance Of Sagging Skin On Upper Arms, Elbows, Knees, Butt, Stomach, Shoulders and Legs.

Smooths Body Wrinkles And Improves Skin Elasticity (how fast the skin snaps back to its original position).

Contains Our Powerful Skin Tightening Active Ingredient GFV (tm)-(Vegan Food Source Extraction of Amino Acids And Growth Factors).

Special Retail Price


4 Fl Oz

Ingredients: Fresh Spring Water, Fresh Organic Aloe Vera, Cold Brewed Extracted Green, Pu-er Tea, Raw Cacao, Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pro-Vitamin A extracted from fresh sweet potatoes, GFV-(Vegan Food Source Extraction of Amino Acids And Growth Factors), Bee and Vegetable Wax, Grapefruit Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment (preservative)


Instructions: Dispense into hand and thoroughly massage into the skin. Use anywhere externally except the face. For most it is a bit to stimulating to use there. Always do a patch test on the arm before use.  


Fast-Acting Liposomal 20% Vitamin C Serum
Enhanced With Vitamin C Co-factors Extracted From Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Fortified With Flavinall(tm)-Natural Skin Tightening Peptides

ProCynamin(tm)-Rich source of polyphenol anti-oxidants
No Toxic Chemicals-No Toxic Preservatives

Special Retail Price



Instructions: Apply daily preferably AM and PM, pump 2 or more times in the palm and spread evenly, use more for increased effect. Can be used with any of our other products.

Full Ingredients on label: Energetically Enhanced Distilled Water, Organic Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Bio-Extracted Whole Food Vit C (L ascorbic acid) Complex 20%, , Vegan-Hyalurate(tm)-water retaining molecules extracted from organic fruit pulp and vegetables, Organic White Oak distillate, Full spectrum oil and water soluble Vit E-bio-extracted from sweet potatoes, ProCynamin(tm)-Food Sourced Polyphenol Anti-Oxidants, Flavinall(tm)-plant sourced skin-tightening peptide complexes, Gotu Kola, Horsetail, MSM, Vegetable Glycerin, jojoba oil,, organic grapefruit extract, fermented horseradish, organic phospholipids

Clay Mask

Organic Clay Mask

"Nature's Transdermal Face Food"

Effective For Healing Acne, Rosacea, Eczema,  Psoriasis Or To Detoxify And Maintain Healthy Skin.

Infuses your skin with 80 bio-available minerals while deeply pulling the toxins out.

Special Retail Price:


4oz Jar

Directions: Starting Out apply a thin layer and allow to dry for about 5 minutes, rinse off. Keep increasing the thickness of application and more drying time, up to 20 minutes for deeper detoxification. Use 1 to 3 times per week.

Ingredients:Rare Earth Mineral Clay, Energetically Structured Fresh Spring Water, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Bladderwrack, Cocoa, Kigelia, Bio-Extracted Frankincense, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Peppermint Leaf, Rosemary, White Oak Bark, Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Raw Honey, Bio-Extracted Quaking Aspen Tree Bark, and Bio-Extracted Horseradish Root. 

Face Moisturizer

Transforming Face Moisturizer


Effective For Regenerating Dull, Dry Wrinkled Skin.

Infuses Your Skin With Fulvic Acid Mineral Complexes Including Gold and Platinum. Deeply Moisturizes and Aids Cellular Regeneration.

Special Retail Price:


50ml Jar

Directions: Cleanse Skin and dab small amounts on face and neck and massage into skin. Use AM and before sleep. Can be used under makeup. If applying sunscreen apply sunscreen first then Mystique.

Ingredients: Fulvic acid mineral complexes (80 minerals including gold and platinum are naturally chelated, bio-available, and complexed with 28% fulvic acid), free saturated fatty acids (coconut extracted), hand filleted Aloe Vera juice and gel 100% concentration, energetically structured fresh spring water, 100% extractions of frankincense and kigelia, cucumber extract, MSM, lecithin, xanthan gum.

Cleansing Bar

Exfoliates, Deodorizes, Moisturizes (Organic)

A Cleansing Bar That Exfoliates, Nourishes And Soothes Your Skin.

Effective For Any Problem Skin Like Acne, Rosacea and Eczema.

Naturally deodorizes, exfoliates and deeply cleanses while providing needed nutrients and moisturization for your skin.

Special Retail Price:


 6oz Bar

Directions: Wet your skin and lather directly with the bar or use with a washcloth. Can also be used as a shampoo and shaving soap.

Ingredients: Saponified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Saponified Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Fresh Spring Water, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Bladderwrack, Organic Cocoa, Kigelia, Frankincense, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Peppermint Leaf, Rosemary, White Oak Bark.

Facial Cleanser

Liquid Foaming Facial Cleanser (Organic)

An Organic Foaming Facial Cleanser. That Deeply Cleans and leaves your skin squeaky clean and moisturized.

100% chemical free 

Finding a non-toxic facial cleanser is one of the most important things you can do for the health and beauty of your skin.


Special Retail Price


2oz Bottle

Directions: This cleanser looks and feels like maple syrup when you pour it into your hand. Wet your face first and pour a small amount and massage into your skin. Immediately the cleanser starts foaming and turns white.

Ingredients: Clay extracted fulvic acid mineral complexes, saponified virgin organic olive oil,saponified organic coconut oil, fresh spring water, bladderwrack seaweed, bio-extracted oranges and bananas. bio-extracted vegetable protein complex, vanilla absolute, quaking aspen tree bark, horseradish root


All Natural Face Lift Products

Stemlate Skin Tightening Serum

Instantly tightens and the tightening effects keep increasing with continued use.

Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps pull the sag out of the face and neck.

Helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin from developing. The sooner you start using this product the better.

Contains The Richest Broth Of Plant Stem Cell Cytokines Ever Developed. They Are Signalling Molecules That For Example Tell Your Cells To Produce More Collagen And Elastin Fibers. Regeneration Will Not Happen Unless These Molecules Are Present.

Can be used alone, underneath any moisturizer or to intensify and accelerate the skin tightening effects of the Natural Fusion Facelift Cream(tm) or Luminance Eye Cream(tm).

Special Retail Price


10ml vial

 Directions: This product is very stimulating. Always do a skin test on a small patch of skin before general use.

Before applying cleanse skin, then simply hold the vial upside down and roll on.

After liquid dispenses on skin take your finger tips and spread evenly.

When applying around eye make sure to not get into eye or apply to eye lid.

If you have problems with the liquid dispensing roll on the back of your hand a few times.

A small amount of redness or glow is normal however if you experience itchiness, extreme redness then reduce frequency of use or discontinue.

This product can be applied under makeup, sunscreen or moisturizers. For extra tightening you can apply extra on top of the moisturizers, Facelift and Eye cream.

If you have questions email us through our contact page.

Ingredients: Natural Cytokine Growth Factor Broth(tm), Raw Organic Honey, Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Fulvic Acid Mineral Complexes, Bio-Extracted Vitamin C Complexes (orange, lemon, lime), Bio-Extracted Full Spectrum Vitamin E, Steam Distilled Vanilla Extract, Bio-Extracted Plant Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3,6,9), Quaking aspen Tree Bark, Horseradish Root, Grape Seed Extracted Trans-Resveratrol, Cultured Eclipta prostrata Extract. Elderberry Bio-Ferment.  Bio-extracted horseradish, quaking aspen tree bark

Natural Fusion Facelift Cream

Plus 1 free vial Stemlate

Contains the only active ingredient (Flavinall™) proven to help restore the protein matrix responsible for holding the skin together. Natural Fusion will give you a more youthful look naturally through enhanced skin health.

Visible Results Happen within 15 minutes And keep Improving With continued Use

Most get an immediate tightening effect of 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch with the first application. Maybe that doesn't sound like much but it makes a huge difference in your appearance. And with continued use the effects keep increasing. 

Natural Fusion Fast Firming Facelift Creamtm also gives you brighter, fuller, thicker, and more elastic skin. All of these components are essential to looking younger.

Special Retail Price:


50ml Airless Pump

Plus 1 Free vial Stemlate

Directions: Cleanse face and neck take the Stemlate vial and roll onto skin then spread evenly with fingers. Allow 1 or 2 minutes for absorption then apply 4 to 8 pumps of the facelift cream to face and neck. For extra tightening on problem areas you can apply extra Stemlate and Facelift Cream to those areas after allowing a few minutes of absorption. You can apply other products or makeup.

Ingredients: Bio-extracted seaweed (bladderwrack), bio-extracted proprietary blend of organic cereal grasses, Flavinall™ (bio-extracted citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic food sources), organic beeswax, bio-extracted quaking aspen tree bark, bio-extracted horseradish root, organic lecithin, vanilla absolute


Face Lift Combo Kits

Face Lift Kit 1

For those who want more intense skin tightening.

1 Natural Fusion Facelift Cream, 2 vials Stemlate, 1 Liquid Facial Cleanser, 1 Biozyme Peel

Special Retail Price


$80 worth of free products

 How To Use the Natural Fusion Fast-Firming Combo Offer. 

It’s a 10-15 minute, four-step process

You do not have to do this every time you can just apply the Natural Fusion Fast-Firming Facelift Cream with or without the Stemlate.


First use the Biozyme Peel - Start by cleansing your face with the Organic Facial Cleanser. Then apply the peel in a medium layer over your entire face and neck. It is safe under the eyes and around the mouth. Gently massage into the skin for a minute or 2 leaving a surface layer to dry for few minutes (some redness is normal however start off with a thin layer and a shorter leave-on time gradually working up to a thicker layer with a longer leave-on time. Giving your skin time to adjust to the stimulation) Then simply remove all of the peel with warm water, and pat face dry. This has a resurfacing effect, removing dead cells and preparing your skin for optimum results.



The next step is to gently roll the Stemlate around the face and neck and then taking your fingers spreading evenly. Wait about 1 minute and then apply the Fast Firming Face Lift Cream - which contains the active skin tightening ingredient Flavinall™ which is our very own bio-extracted, citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic food sources. Apply a thin layer over entire face and neck, it is (approximately 4 to 8 pumps) also safe for use around the lower eyes and mouth. Gently massage into the skin and allow it to absorb about 2 or 3 minutes. Then if you want extra tightening you can apply another layer of Stemlate and a little more of the facelift cream. For problem areas always do this extra step on those areas.


After about 5 minutes women can apply makeup.


We recommend that you use The Facelift Cream And Stemlate AM and PM for best results. The peel can be used 1 to 4 times per week.


Face Lift Kit 2

For those who want skin tightening with added moisturization.

1 Natural Fusion Facelift Cream, 1 .5oz Mystique Moisturizer, 1 cleansing bar, 1 Biozyme Peel,

Special Retail Price


$87 Worth of Free Products

How To Use the Natural Fusion Facelift System It’s a 10-15 minute, four-step process:

You do not have to do this every time you can just apply the Natural Fusion Fast-Firming Facelift Cream.

  1. First use the Biozyme Peel - Start by cleansing your face with the Clay Cleansing Bar. Then apply the peel over your entire face and neck. It is safe under the eyes and around the mouth. Gently massage into the skin for few minutes (some redness is normal however start off with a thin layer and a shorter leave-on time gradually working up to a thicker layer with a longer leave-on time. Giving your skin time to adjust to the stimulation). Then simply remove all of the peel with warm water, and pat face dry. This has a resurfacing effect, removing dead cells and preparing your skin for optimum results with the next steps.
  2. The second step is the Fast Firming Face Lift Cream - which contains the active skin tightening ingredient Flavinall™ which is our very own bio-extracted, citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic food sources. Apply a thin layer over entire face and neck, it is (approximately 4 to 8 pumps) also safe for use around the lower eyes and mouth. Gently massage into the skin allowing it to absorb as much as possible.
  3. Now apply a small amount of Mystique Moisturizer on top of the Natural Fusion and spread evenly.
  4. For better absorption spray  the Bamboo Toning Mist lightly over the entire area and allow a few minutes to absorb before applying makeup.


Bamboo Toning Mist

A refreshing toning mist that can be used to set makeup, moisturize the skin or to enhance a deeper delivery of all products.

Special Retail Price


40z Mistier

Hold about 8 inches from face and mist. Repeat throughout the day suitable for all skin types. 

Structured Fresh Spring Water bio-extracted fulvic acid mineral complexes, Bio-Extracted Structured Bamboo Water, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Bio-Extracted Quaking Aspen Tree Bark, and Bio-Extracted Horseradish Root.

Enzyme Peel

Biozyme Skin Peel

Biozyme skin peel is the only non-chemical skin peel that we know of that really works. If you use this product every other day for around a month you will get similar results to a commercial medium skin peel, without the anesthesia, swelling, or mandatory down time.

Special Retail Price


4oz jar

Instructions: Cleanse face and apply peel let dry approximately 5 minutes and wash off.

Our standard protocol is as follows: Do a single layer peel every other day, always followed by a little organic moisturizer if you have normal or dry skin. Oily skin types may or may not need to use moisturizer after peel application.

Applying natural makeup after using the peel is fine. Check the ingredients for chemicals, if your makeup contains chemicals then only use the peel at night before going to bed.

The peel does not need to dry completely to be effective.  

For more intense effects, you can apply one layer wait 5 minutes and apply another layer on top up to three layers.

Product can be safely used on all external parts of your body, legs, arms, back, stomach, chest even your feet.

Use common sense while using the peel. If your skin starts feeling raw or irritated then reduce frequency of use. 

This peel is gentle enough to use under the eye area.  You can use all of our other products while using the skin peel.

The effectiveness of the other products are increased because the peel will facilitate a deeper penetration into the skin.

Even though this peel does not have chemicals, it is powerful. So start off with a thin layer and just a few minutes leave-on time gradually working up to a thicker layer and longer leave-on time. Giving your skin time to adjust to the stimulation. Redness is normal when using this product and will dissipate within about 30 minutes after use.

As with all skin care products do a patch test before use.

Ingredients: Fresh spring water, bio-extracted organic pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, asparagus tip, bamboo, proprietary mushroom blend, seaweed, fermented quaking aspen tree, horseradish, Sclerotium Gum, Retinall™(Proprietary extraction of food source retinoid complexes)

Eye Cream

Luminance Eye Cream

The Best Eye Cream For Removing Dark Circles, Puffiness and Bags From Around The Eyes While Smoothing and Reducing Wrinkles.

Luminance™ contains the active ingredients - Flavinall™ Cucuractiontm

Which is proven to be the most collagen and elastin enhancing active ingredient ever developed.

Special Retail Price


15mil airless pump

Get Rid Of Dark Circles, Puffiness and Sagging Now

Instructions: Product is effective for all skin types (oily, dry, light and dark ethnicity) and ages. 

After cleansing your face apply a small amount around  the eye. For better results apply a little extra before going to bed.

Apply at the corner of your eyes to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Gently rub the product in and allow few minutes to soak in before applying makeup.

Apply only as much product as your skin will absorb (unless you wish to apply 'a little extra' before bed.

If product gets in the eye simply wash out with saline solution or water and start over.

Luminance can be used with any of our other products and has no known contraindications.

Ingredients: Flavinall  (bio-extracted citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic citrus and cereal grasses), CURCURACTINtm (bio-extracted fresh organic cucumbers, rare mineral Clay, Kigelia) organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, organic vegetable and beeswax, organic jojoba oil, quaking aspen tree bark, horseradish,

Home Facial Combo

Ultimate Home Facial

1 Clay Cleansing Bar, 1 Mystique Moisturizer, 2 Clay Masks, 1 Organic Honey Aloe Lotion

If you want more toned, smooth, wrinkle free skin or if you want to clear acne, eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis. Then use these products in the comfort of your home for a professional results facial.

Special Retail Price


1 Free Clay Cleansing Bar

1 Free Organic Body Lotion

Free Shipping

Over $40 in Savings

Here’s how to give yourself a home facial that will renew and heal your skin:

Cleanse your face with the luxury clay cleansing bar Am and PM.

Afterwards, apply a thin to moderate layber of Mystique™ to your face and neck including around the eye and behind the ears and neck. Every other day, apply our clay mask "Nature’s Transdermal Face Food™" to your face and neck.

Allow to dry (usually around 10 or 15 minutes), then wash off in the shower or bath or with a warm towel at the sink.

We leave a little grit in the clay to help with exfoliation, so when you are washing the mask off be careful not to use too much force.

Always apply the moisturizer Mystique™ after using the clay mask.

We recommend while you are using these three products that you avoid the use of any other product containing toxic chemicals -- particularly avoid toxic products for up to 24 hours after application of the clay mask (with the exception of some foundation or light makeup and mascara).

Most face moisturizers and eye creams, even the really expensive ones, contain toxic chemicals.

You are using the clay mask to get this toxic junk out of your skin - so don’t keep adding it back into the skin.

As your skin improves, you willl have the option to choose to wear much less makeup or none at all; and you really won't need any other skin care products.

Detox Your Body Mineral BathBomb(tm)

To Absolutely Look And Feel Your Best You Need To Do Something To Detox Your Body.

The Detox Your Body Mineral Bathbomb(tm) Is The Most Effective And Pleasant Detoxification Method You Will Ever Experience.

Neutralizes the chlorine and chloramines in bath water.

Safely removes years of toxic accumulation in one bath.

 Infuses your skin with a full spectrum (over 80 bio-available  minerals) Plus Vitamin C

Deeply moisturizes every square inch of your skin with organic argan oil.

Dramatically reduces the stress levels in your body in a way most have never experienced.

Aids in weight loss and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Improves Problem Skin like Eczema, Psoriasis and Dry Itchy Skin.

Pleasant Organic Citrus-Vanilla Fragrance.

Full Ingredients:
Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Ultra-Fine Epson Salt, Rare untra-fine Mineral Clay, Organic Argan Oil,  L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C),  Organic Citrus Extract, Organic Vanilla Absolute

Disclaimer: If you have a medical condition or take medications please consult with a doctor before using this detox your body mineral bathbomb. Do not consume alcohol or any drug, legal or illegal before use. Do not exceed 30 minutes None of our statements have been evaluated by the FDA for medical accuracy.

Directions: The Organic Argan Oil Is going to make the bathtub slippery after the bathbomb is placed in the water, be careful getting in and out of the bathtub after using the Detox Mineral Bathbomb. We highly Recommend the use of an anti slip bathmat placed in the bath tub before use.   We also recommend using an anti slip mat on the bathroom floor after getting out of the bath. An added precaution would be to drain the bath, use a little soap on the bottom of the bathtub and then rinse until you feel no slip before standing up.

Fill your bathtub with warm to almost hot water about 1/2 full. Immerse yourself in the water and place the detox your body bathbomb in the water. Let the detox your body bathbomb bubble and fize and disperse the ingredients throughout the bath water. Then just simply relax in the water and add a bit more hot water to keep the temperature comfortable. After 15 to 30 minutes drain bathtub and rinse with a shower. If at anytime you feel nauseous or light-headed discontinue bath.

 Instructions included with purchase

Net Wt. 1/2 Pound

Retail Price $23.93

Sale Price $17.99

Save $5.94

Order A Package Of Four

Sale Price $54.00

Save $41.72

Non-Chemical Skin Lightening

All Natural Skin Lightener

Proven More Effective Than The Toxic Chemicals Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Alpha/Beta Arbutin, Undecylenic Acid, M-Tranexamic Acid. You find in the majority of skin lighteners.

Don't damage you skin with chemical products when you can get better results with this all natural product.

Special Retail Price


50ml airless pump

Instructions: Apply Nature’s Skin Light™ to a cleansed area preferably using our luxury clay exfoliating soap AM and PM.

Gently rub into the skin, including the area around the discoloration; then dab a little extra on the problem areas and gently rub in.

If you are going for an overall lighter skin tone, apply the cream to as large an area of the skin as you desire.

Always apply extra with more frequency to any areas where you want a more increased lightening effect.

The natural herbal scent will dissipate within a few minutes. Allow at least five minutes to absorb into the skin before applying any moisturizer or makeup.

Nature's Skin Light provides a very mild spf of 6, so if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period the use of additional sunscreen is highly recommended.

Reducing stimulation to the melanin producing agents in your skin is critical while using this cream so avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible.


You will see a slight change with the first application; some visible results within 10 days; and good results around 30 days.

Active Ingredients:

The skin lightening ingredients we use in our proprietary herbal formula are based on extracts from the root of the waukee tree a member of the fig family grown mainly in Hawaii and Indonesia and extracts of bearberry. This waukee root extract is approximately 15x more effective at inhibiting tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for producing the darker pigment) than hydroquinone. To create a more balanced formula we actually cut back on the amount of waukee root present and adjust the effectiveness of the active agent with bearberry extract, niacinamide (vitamin B3), vitamin C, and natural enzymes and cofactors. This lightening agent combination works quickly and is entirely safe.

Inactive Ingredients:

Hand processed aloe vera, proprietary extracted saturated fatty acids from coconut oil, fulvic acid mineral complex extracted from our own rare mineral clay, organic beeswax, zinc Oxide, Quaking aspen tree bark, horseradish

Organic Face and Body Lotions

Organic Honey Aloe Lotion

This Lotion Is Designed to be Used From the Top of Your Head to the Tips Of Your Toes

This organic lotion is designed to give you quality skin care without putting harmful chemicals in your skin. The power of this product on the skin is remarkable. It is non-greasy and will moisturize, protect, heal, and renew even the most troubled skin. Suitable for all skin types and skin issues. This organic lotion is made with natural, organic, wildcrafted plant and vegetable-derived extracts each of which offers various benefits to the skin.

Special Retail Price


8oz bottle

Instructions: We recommend using this lotion daily for best results.

Preferably after bathing apply to face and body and massage into your skin.

You can apply other products on top without contraindication. Results are immediate and build with continued use.

Ingredients: organic hand filleted aloe, organic raw honey, grape seed oil, organic bee and vegetable wax, aspen tree bark, bio-extracted cucumber essence, horseradish

Sweet Potato Lotion

We make this lotion by taking fresh organic sweet potatoes and using our patent-pending bio-extraction process we get all the nutrients that were in the sweet potato-into this lotion.

Infusing those nutrients into your skin gives your skin the most powerful all natural anti oxidant lotion ever developed.

This lotion can be used on the face and body.

Special Retail Price


8oz bottle

Instructions: We recommend using this lotion daily for best results.

Preferably after bathing apply to face and body and massage into your skin.

You can apply other products on top without contraindication.

Results are immediate and build with continued use.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Bio-fermented fresh organic sweet potato liquid extract, fresh hand filleted aloe vera, Bee and vegetable wax, grapeseed oil, organic papaya extract, quaking aspen tree bark, fermented horeseradish, organic vanilla extract

Organic Sunscreen - Sunless Tanner

This Is The Best Sunless Tanner For A Natural Looking Tan.
The healthy alternative for a golden bronze skin tone.

The only sunless tanner available which incorporates liposome technology in a spray form. Our liposome technology delivers more active ingredients below the surface of the skin than any other spray tan, which is why our sunless tanner will give you a more natural, deeper, longer lasting tan.

Your overall experience on the skin from using this product will be very similar to the way your skin would feel if you had spent a day by the pool in the sun. We've designed our tanner to create these effects by infusing your skin with natural melanin along with a unique synthesis of certified organic ingredients.

Healthy Sunless Tanner

Special Retail Price


8oz bottle

Instructions: Pre-Application: (1) For best results shower and cleanse skin.

A gentle exfoliation (non-oily) is recommended but not necessary. Make sure skin is towel-dry.

(2) If concerned about inconsistent coloration on elbows, knees, hands, or feet apply a thin layer of body lotion to these areas.

(3) To prevent falling mist from soaking into the tops or soles of feet wear sandals or cover these areas.

(4) Use latex gloves if you intend to spread the tanner over your skin with the palms of your hands.

Proper misting technique will not require use of hands to spread or rub-in product.

How to Apply: (1) Stand on a towel in the bathroom.

(2) Spray your entire body. Gently layer mist on skin. Apply only enough mist as the skin can absorb in 5-7 minutes.

Avoid spray levels that cause running or streaking.

(3) Apply up to three applications in one day based on desired color (each coat should dry in 5-7 minutes).

(4) Be sure to wipe off the floor area around the application area as product can make tile or linoleum slippery.

(5) Allow application to dry before getting dressed. Post-Application:

Be aware that your tan will increase and deepen over a period of 36-48 hours.

Do not use product for more than 3 consecutive days. After 3 days wait 48 hours to determine tan level achieved.

Once you reach your desired color, one or two applications a week should maintain your tan.

Useful Tips: (1) For some skin tones one application will be sufficient.

(2) For a youthful glow (on the face only), exfoliate face, rinse, and dry, then spray face, neck, and décolleté. Allow to dry and repeat up to 3 times.

(3) After your first few applications, you will find it remarkably quick and easy to maintain or adjust your tan as a part of your normal bathing and grooming routines.

(4) Although the product is specifically designed for solo application, some people prefer the maximum ease of having another person spray parts of or the entire body.

(5) This healthy organic tanner will not stain clothes or fabric when dry.

Ingredients: Fresh spring water, organic hand-filleted aloe vera, sugar extracted DHA, raspberry extracted erythrulose, certified organic jojoba esters, certified organic lecithin, bio-extracted wild-crafted chaga mushroom, bio-extracted wild-crafted frankincense, bio-extracted water soluble certified organic cocoa.

Hair Growth Products

Organic Follicle Regrowth Stimulator Mist

Special Retail Price


Contains powerful natural hair growth stimulators that are proven to thicken hair.

This mist also contains phospholipids and plant extracted proteins that penetrate the hair shaft that instantly thicken and strengthen your hair.

Directions: When using with the Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioner simply mist after application and comb or brush. If just using with the Organic Anti-Oxidant Shampoo mist after towel drying and then brush and style as usual.

Can also be used anytime to add more body and fullness to hair, just mist and comb or brush.

Ingredients: Fermented Organic vegetable protein and berry extract, fresh spring water, Phospholipids, proprietary blend of bio-extracted sunflower, false daisy, rutaceae pilocarpus, Bladderwrack, grapeseed, red clover, beeswax, horseradish, quaking aspen tree bark, bio-extracted peppermint.

Hair Regrowth Combo Offers

Hair Combo Offer 1

1 Organic Anti Oxidant Shampoo, 2 Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioners

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Get 1 Hair Growth Conditioner Free

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Buy the Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioner with Organic  Anti-Oxidant Shampoo and Get:

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One Free Bottle of HGE™
Leave-In Hair Growth Conditioner

More Hair Growth Combo Offers

Hair Products Combo Offer 2

1 Organic Anti Oxidant Shampoo, 2 Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioners, 1 Hair Follicle Stimulator Mist

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Special Combo Offer with Hair Follicle Stimulator.
Buy the Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioner with Organic  Anti-Oxidant Shampoo and Get.
One Free Bottle of HGE™
Leave-In Hair Growth Conditioner
and for only $10 more get the hair follicle stimulator

Hair Follicle Stimulator Mist - 4 Pack

Special Retail Price


For People With More Advanced Balding-Thinning Hair. Misting The Scalp Several Times A Day Will Speed Up the Hair Regrowth Process.

Special Combo Offer Buy 3 Hair Follicle Stimulators And Get the Fourth One Free.

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