Is it possible to get a healthy looking tan?

I’ll ask that question another way, Is it possible to get a healthy looking tan and while your doing it improve the health of your skin. The answer is yes.

If you are like most Caucasian people, you feel more attractive if you have a tan. But the evidence is so overwhelming that laying in the sun or a tanning bed is like putting yourself on a fast-track to skin cancer and aged, wrinkled-spotted skin.

So why do people still do it?

There is even a new indoor tanning bed tax going into effect. Because the The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that using tanning beds increases your chance of melanoma by 75%.

It’s real simple why they do it. Women feel they look sexier and prettier and men feel they look more handsome when they have a tan.

People with a healthy looking tan are even perceived to have more wealth and power.

So if you don’t use a tanning bed or lay out in the sun for your tan then the only other option is a sunless tanner, either a spray or cream.

My problem with sunless tanners is that most have that fake-phoney look. Also when you formulate a sunless tanner it is very difficult to do when you are using organic all natural ingredients.

And that is why they are loaded with toxic chemicals.

It took a long time for us to develop this product. It is the most spectacular sunless tanning product ever developed.

It is called “Wild Bill’s Get Toasted Sunless Tanner” certified organic ingredients and easy spray on application

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