Dead Sea Mud  Products Like Dead Sea Cosmetics, Dead Sea Mud Mask and Dead Sea Skin Care Products are not the healthy skin care products companies claim them to be.

Actually Dead Sea Products are toxic. Keep reading to learn why.

The reason the dead sea is called the dead sea is because it literally kills almost every biological form it comes into contact with . Remember the operative word here is dead.

So why is the Dead Sea and Dead sea mud so toxic.?

The Dead Sea contains toxic levels of bromide and is the main reason why any product associated with the Dead Sea is toxic for you.

Years ago bro-seltzers were popular products. They were mainly used as sedatives and for upset stomach.

They were taken off the market in 1975 because of bromide toxicity.  Previous to bromide becoming banned by the FDA as  an ingredient in products almost 1 in 10 people admitted to psychiatric hospitals were attributed to bromine poisoning.

Here is a link in poison review about a man admitted to the hospital for eating dead sea salt.

The toxic levels of bromide in the Dead Sea are also the reason why the air above the Dead Sea has the highest level of methylated mercury ever recorded.
Methylated Mercury in the air is the main cause of mercury poisoning in fish and humans who eat them.

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