Our story began several decades ago when our founder named and defined a concept called...
"Natural Skin and Hair Transformation"(tm)

Natural Skin and Hair Transformation is when extracted elements found in nature are able to stimulate through cellular contact a natural renewal-regeneration response that results in an increased positive change in appearance and wellness.

This concept began in 1985 when our founder discovered a process for rapidly extracting medicinal herbs, the most effective 48hr extraction process ever developed.

Over many years the concept evolved into an advanced bio-extraction technology resulting in our unique line of High-Performing Skin and Hair Products that are guaranteed to produce healthy and positive visible changes.

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to take whole foods and break them down into small molecular elements. When incorporated into our superior liposome delivery system this method allows cellular contact resulting in the "magic of Natural Skin and Hair Transformation"(tm).

Our Founder

I'm 59 at the time of this photo

Hello, my name is Bill Jordan.

Founder/CEO Nature's Skin and Body Food

My discovery process into the hidden powers of nature started decades ago when instead of pursuing a career in medicine, I embarked on a journey of natural discovery.  Armed with advanced knowledge of chemistry; biology, and environmental science, I chose the path of exploring the world of healing nutrients.

I spent 40 years researching and developing technologies and products centered around cellular regeneration.

Nature’s Skin and Body Food was born back in 1985 when I developed a unique and powerful method for extracting medicinal herbs.

This groundbreaking discovery enabled me to start experiencing in myself and to see in others the amazing healing power of nature. I immediately started research and development around a concept I named "Natural skin and Hair Transformation". 

Natural Skin and Hair Transformation(tm) is a concept that is behind every product formulation. When elements in nature are extracted small enough to penetrate the skin in a bio-available form, they are able to stimulate and produce results through cellular contact.  This is when a natural renewal-regeneration process occurs resulting in positive visible change in appearance and wellness. 

Over time the technology around this concept evolved, allowing a breakdown of wholefood sources.  Combined with our unique liposomal delivery system and natural preservation this resulted in skin and hair transformation products with results way beyond the threshold of normal skin care products.

For you to be vibrant and beautiful your body needs to be supplied with the right amount as well as diversity of nutrients to keep renewing itself, while also removing accumulated toxins from your body tissue that can cause cells to self-destruct or exhibit aberrant behavior.

Having your cells saturated with nutrients and reducing your exposure to toxins is vital to the ongoing health of your skin and body.

One of the cornerstones of my research has been built on the dual idea of “nutrients in” and “toxins out”.

The magic of life happens and continues when nutrients come into contact with your cells. You need nutrients as you need oxygen from the air you breathe, water and solar energy from the sun.  All of these elements are required for the continuance of life and vitality.  

All long-lived humans ever documented still healthy and looking young at an advanced age live in pristine environments eating only wholefoods with low exposure to toxins. 

Every product has a personal connection with me and my scientific team. We all use them exclusively for anti and preventative aging and for skin and hair issues.

You too can experience the magic of Natural Skin and Hair Transformation when you use these products.

Wishing you the best in health and ageless beauty,



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