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How Do Skin Peels Work to Improve the Appearance of your Skin?

Your skin is similar to an onion. The outer dead layer is thin, has very little moisture and is dull and flaky. As you start peeling off the layers, you get to the thicker moist layers. Your skin is very similar to that example.

If those layers keep building up, the pores in your skin will become increasingly clogged, causing a situation where wrinkles are more likely to form, where skin will sag more, and where skin tone will acquire a tarnish or pallor. Problem skin such as acne and rosacea is also more likely to develop.

That is why the cosmetic industry has developed various means of removing the outer layers of skin with chemical peels, lasers and dermabrasion.

They also incorporate retinol creams in the aftercare program. Retinols are scientifically proven to stimulate new collagen, elastin fibers and increase cellular turnover so newer skin cells are arriving at the surface faster.

However the over the counter and prescription creams use synthetic retinoids derived from a by-product of gasoline refining called Isoprene.

For retinol to stimulate the fibroblast (stem cells) in the skin it has to be converted to another retinoid called retinoic acid. The main problem with synthetic retinol vs natural retinol is that it takes 20 times more synthetic to produce the same amount of retinoic acid as the natural form.

That excess retinol floating around can create side-effects, some very serious.

Biozyme Skin Peel allows you to safely remove the outer layer of dead skin, and provides Retinall™ our own high-performing natural food source extraction of retinol.

How Our Product Compares? 

We bio-extract whole organic pineapples, papayas, passion fruits, asparagus tips, horseradish, bamboo, mushrooms, and seaweed - using our proprietary extraction technology

Most Skin Peel Products Rely Solely on Chemicals for Their Primary Peel Effect;

Typically One or More of the Following:
Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid

Glycolic acid is a derivative of an industrial antifreeze.

An interesting fact about salicylic acid. It has a higher toxic score than parabens. The environmental working group gives it a 6 and parabens a 5.

The lactic acid used in peels is generally not derived from milk, it is an acid derived from fermenting the waste products of corn processing. It is a very toxic chemical and has to be handled with extreme care.

All of those chemicals can potentially cause death or at the minimum an extended stay in the hospital if ingested.

Even the so-called natural products saying something like pumpkin enzyme or fruit juice peel, when you read the label there is a chemical. There would be no effect without it.

Biozyme Skin Peel Works Very Differently Than Peels That Rely On Chemicals For Their Effects

Instead of killing your cells like chemical peels inevitably do, the enzymes in our peel gently dissolve and loosen the glue that holds together the cell structures so the outermost layers of skin wash off in a manner consistent with your natural biological process of shedding outer layers over time.

This product would not be possible without our unique proprietary whole food bio-extraction process.

Biozyme skin peel is the only non-chemical skin peel that we know of that really works.

If you use this product every other day for around a month you will get similar results to a commercial medium skin peel, without the anesthesia, swelling, or mandatory down time.


Fresh spring water, bio-extracted organic pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, asparagus tip, bamboo, proprietary mushroom blend, seaweed, fermented quaking aspen tree, horseradish, Sclerotium Gum, Retinall™(Proprietary extraction of food source retinoid complexes)

4 oz Jar

Retail Price $49

Sale Price $39

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Even though this peel contains no chemicals that doesn't mean it is not powerful. Always start out using a small amount spread evenly on the skin for a few minutes gradually working up to a thicker amount and a longer leave-on time. Redness is normal however excessive redness is not so wash off if your skin starts turning to red to fast. The peel is safe and the redness will cause no damage, however with all skin products do a skin patch test before use.

Cleanse face and apply peel let dry approximately 2 to 5 minutes starting off and wash off. Can be done before going to bed or in the morning. We recommend using our Mystique™ organic moisturizer.

Applying natural makeup after using the peel is fine. Check the ingredients for chemicals, if your makeup contains chemicals then only use the peel at night before going to bed.

Peel does not need to dry completely to be effective. It's effective while it's gummy and moist on the skin and slowly setting.

For more intense effects, you can apply one layer wait 5 minutes and apply another layer on top up to three layers. Do not do this starting out.

Product can be safely used on all external parts of your body, legs, arms, back, stomach, chest even your feet. Use common sense while using the peel. If your skin starts feeling raw or irritated then promptly cut down on frequency of use. Before using the Biozyme skin peel we recommended an isolated skin test.

This peel is gentle enough to use under the eye area.

Our standard protocol is as follows:

Do a single layer peel every other day, always followed by a little organic moisturizer if you have normal or dry skin. Oily skin types may or may not need to use moisturizer after peel application.

You can use all of our other products while using the skin peel. The effectiveness of the other products are increased because the peel will facilitate a deeper penetration into the skin by any of our other products.

4 oz Jar

Retail Price $49

Sale Price $39

Buy today Save $10

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