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Nature's Skin and Body Food Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes your clay so different from other clays like Bentonite, Kaolin, French Green Clay, and the others I’ve seen in different products?

Those clays that you mention are mainly used for industrial purposes like making paint, steel, plastics, and even kitty litter. These clays contain mainly inorganic minerals which are actually toxic to the human body. The only minerals the human body can use (and needs) are the microscopic mineral elements present in plants or via the animals who eat these plants or via those animals who eat other animals who eat these plants. Plants take the minerals you find in rocks and most clays and through photosynthesis turn them into microscopic mineral elements that humans need to stay alive. We call this the miracles of life. Clays are like people, in the sense that every clay deposit is different. The deposit of clay we use in our product line is the only deposit of clay we know of where every mineral element has been transformed by a plant and is thus bio-chelated and bio-available. Infusing this vast wealth of life-giving minerals into your skin and body produces amazing results. 

What is the best way to use your clay mask Nature’s Transdermal Face Food™?

The best way is to first cleanse your face with our Clay Cleansing Bar. Next, take your fingers or any type of applicator brush and spread the clay mask in an even layer over your face and neck or over any part of your body that you think needs treatment. The thickness of application required is approximately the amount required to no longer see the skin underneath the application. Be careful not to get any product in your eyes. Let dry for around 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash off. When washing off, avoid aggressive removal as we leave a little grittiness in the clay to help with exfoliation. 

How many times do you need to use the clay mask before you start seeing results?

You’ll see an improvement in your skin the first time you use it. This clay mask powerfully infuses the cells in your dermal layer with new collagen and elastin fiber nutrients while also exfoliating and stimulating new cellular turnover. Your improvements will accumulatie over time. Incorporating this product into your weekly routine will greatly improve your skin. Aged skin or even problem skin such as acne, rosacea, eczema and others will respond well to the continuous application of our clay mask. 

How will your clay mask help acne?

You get acne because your sebum glands below the surface of your skin produce your own natural oil. This oil flows upward through a duct to the surface of the skin. When you're going through puberty and your body is growing your sebum glands are especially hormonally sensitive. These glands will produce excess oil to lubricate the skin as it is being stretched. The oil is not the problem. The problem is that the ducts are staying open longer, debris inevitably falls into the pores, and this in turn creates a "plug." If the plug is underneath the skin, it is a whitehead. If it is above the skin, it is a blackhead. Just because you have a plug doesn’t mean that the sebum glands stop producing oil. That oil pumping underneath the skin starts dissolving fat and creates a toxicity which brings on bacteria and inflammation. Most products are designed to address the bacteria and inflammation (not the cause). These attempts typically rely on salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Our clay mask addresses the cause of acne. The cause is the plug in the skin. Our clay is a montmorillonite clay that when hydrated has a negative electrical charge. When you apply it to the skin it penetrates so deeply that anything it encounters with a positive charge will be pulled to our clay like a magnet. Most toxins, dead skin cells, dirt, and other substances capable of causing a skin plug will get lifted out of the skin when the clay dries, and you wash off the clay mask. In three weeks of every other day use, you should see a profound decrease in acne on the areas of the skin where you have applied our clay mask. Most other clays can only deliver a slight or temporary benefit associated with advanced surface cleansing of the skin. Our clay goes beneath the skin to address the inherent cause of acne. 

How does your clay mask help to improve eczema, rosacea and psoriasis?

The scientific community is still widely divided on precisely what causes these skin conditions. Some alternative healers and medical doctors seem to think candida (a fungus that can cause problems inside the body) can play a role in these skin conditions. Some in these same communities suggest these problems are caused by "reduced blood flow" where "not enough nutrients are provided to the skin." Others suggest these problems are due to the presence of "bad" or "unwanted" bacteria in the body.

To our clay mask we have added a proprietary extraction of over 30 herbs. This herbal elixir is a blend directed at solving all of the causes listed above - from bacterial, to fungal, to topical skin nutrition. To compound our herbal elixir we use an infusion of various essential oils (fatty acids). This unique concoction can only be found here. We have not found a more effective clay mask anywhere, at any price. Our customers have reported success in treating eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Our clay mask will improve these issues and help bring your skin back into balance.

I’m interested in buying your organic face cream Mystique™ - Is it as good as you say it is, and if so why?

It really is for several reasons. As you age you start losing a protective barrier on your skin. This barrier holds in moisture and protects your skin from unwanted bacteria, toxins, pollutants, and so forth.

Your body creates this barrier from your own natural sebum oil. As this oil is excreted to the skin, good bacteria break it down into free form saturated fatty acids which form your protective barrier.

As you get older, your natural oil production slows down. Sadly, most personal care products like soaps, shaving creams, shampoos, makeup, toners, and even most commercial moisturizers either kill off or impede the friendly bacteria you most need. Usually, your hands are the first to lose this protective barrier, and as such this is one of the first areas where people start to show the the signs of aging.

When that protective skin barrier is reduced or non-existent on some areas of the skin aging of the skin is greatly accelerated in those areas. Age spots appear, and eventually the skin thins and starts to sag.

This protective layer is similar to the roof on your home. Without it, you become vulnerable to deterioration not just on the surface but more deeply into the overall integrity of the body.

Re-establishing that natural protective barrier on your skin is the most important thing you can do for anti-aging.

With Mystique, we create through a proprietary process the same free saturated fatty acids that would be produced by the good bacteria from your own natural sebum oil. When applied, Mystique instantly reestablishes the protective layer on your skin.

We blend into these free saturated fatty acids powerful anti-aging, skin renewing ingredients. First, we take our special clay and meticulously extract all the life giving microscopic minerals. Each container of Mystique is built from a base extraction of over 5lbs of the clay we use in our clay mask. We hand blend many other natural ingredients to create a cream that is more of a serum. Nothing compares to the skin renewing powers present in this cream.

This cream melts into your skin. The smell tells you that it's right. The effects are immediate. The effects last throughout the day. Please see the Mystique page for more information. It's truly a world-class, best-in-class moisturizer. 

How does Mystique™ help with anti-aging?

It protects, renews, and increases cellular turnover.

For example a baby has perfect skin because the cells are turning over approximately every 15 days, but when you get to the age of 60 these same cells are turning over every 70 days.

Dull, dead skin builds up unevenly and contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, and this cycle of occlusion becomes self-sustaining: decreased cellular turnover plus the buildup of dull, dead skin cells (layer after layer) leads to ever increasing effects of aging over time. If you want to take real action to pause or redress this process, you have to inject "life force" back into your cells. Mystique does a phenomenal job at helping your skin to stop and then slowly reverse this process.

Exfoliation is also important so you can see your new skin. That is why we recommend using the clay soap and the mask which are both excellent exfoliants. 

Can I use your Organic Body Lotion on my feet?

Absolutely the lotion is made for any part of your body, even a little rubbed into the scalp is good. Our Organic Body Lotion is so effective that some customers have reported that they only have to use it every other day. 

Is your Organic Body Lotion good for rash?

Yes, we've even had feedback on its effectiveness to soothe and heal poison ivy or poison oak. 

Is your Organic Sunscreen waterproof?

We haven’t submitted it for testing at this time to the FDA; as such, we cannot make that claim. However, our sunscreen was designed with that in mind. 

Why doesn't your sunscreen have titanium dioxide? I've heard that's the best sunblock.

Titanium dioxide is listed as a carcinogen in Canada. We are just not comfortable with Titanium Dioxide based on our research. Similarly, we would recommend that you make sure your sunblock does not contain any form of Dimethicone as this is a Silicone Oil. We feel our sunscreen is the safest and most effective sunscreen ever developed. 

Why don't your products have the certified organic seal?

Several of our ingredients come from wildcrafters that harvest them in their natural setting in the wild. We feel the potency is far superior than plantation farmed organic herbs. You can’t certify wildcrafted herbs organic. 

How long does it take to receive my products?

Usually between 5 and 7 working days from your order date.

How does your money back guarantee work?

You send us the product within 30 days of purchase with an explanation of why you are returning the product, and we refund your money. However, we reserve the right to investigate as some of our large competitors are known to use this exploratory tactic as a way to try to put someone out of business. You definitely will get your money back if you are a consumer who is not satisfied with the product. All legitimate consumer concerns will be honored. 

Is my information safe and private?

Yes, we never see any of your credit card information when you order through the website, and your name and address is only for us to use to ship and communicate with you on an as needed basis. We will never share any information about you with a third party. 

Can I call and ask questions?

Yes, our customer service is the best in this industry. We enjoy staying in contact with our customers and giving advice on the use of our products.

Can I call or write and talk to someone before purchasing?

Yes, we would rather you call or contact us through the contact page rather than not purchase. If you have unanswered questions, we want to hear them. For most people these products are what they have been looking for (in many cases, for years) but they've never found them. Feel free to call or write us through the contact page, anytime. 

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