100% Guaranteed Results™
The Best Eye Cream

Removes Dark Circles, Puffiness, and 'Bags' From Around The Eyes While Smoothing and Reducing Wrinkles

All Natural & Organic

What's So Special About Luminance?

Luminance™ contains the active ingredient - Flavinall™ and is the best eye cream to make your eyes lift, lighten dark circles, reduce bags under the eyes, and smooth eye wrinkles.

Flavinall™ is based on our bio-elemental technology, where whole organic food sources (citrus and vegetable proteins) are broken down into 3D molecular elements 1000 times smaller than the average human cell.

Flavinall™ is a molecular matrix with over 2000 flavonoids, amino acids, enzymes, mRNA nucleotide molecules (stimulates the DNA in amino acids to form protein structures like collagen and elastin fibers. Plus 80 naturally chelated minerals and fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed.

Flavinall™ creates the best eye cream and is 100% natural with no synthetic elements and no chemicals used in the extraction.

The Results Around Your Eyes Are Spectacular

Luminance Eye Cream

                                                   Special Retail Price $39.00
                                                           15ml airless pump

Beautiful Eyes Are:

1. Clear
2. Smooth
3. Wrinkle Free

Why do eye wrinkles become the first visible wrinkles on most people?

This is the result of each individual's eyes blinking an average of over 10,000 times per day. Such repetitive expansion and contraction of the skin and underlying musculature around the eye over time can cause the collagen and elastin fibers around the eyes to break down faster than on other parts of the body.

Dark circles under the eyes are caused from weak capillaries that leak blood and thus cause discoloration which can eventually lead to a permanent bruised look around the eyes.

Because the skin around the eye is only 1/10th the thickness of the rest of the skin on your face, any leaking from your capillaries around the eyes becomes visibly faster than it would in other areas.

Luminance instantly infuses enzymes to clean up the dried blood underneath your skin and give your capillaries the thousands of flavonoids they need to repair and stop leaking.

Bags under eyes are caused by weak collagen and elastin fibers.

Those weak fibers allow stagnant fluid from your lymph system to back up under the eyes, and the fat that cushions the balls of your eyes then starts drooping which creates that 'bags under the eyes' look.

Flavinall™ is the most collagen enhancing, all-natural active ingredient ever developed.

The mRna molecular structures in Luminance™ give your collagen fibers the building blocks they need to renew and become stronger. The added tightening helps push out the stagnant lymph fluid and move the fat back into the eye sockets; thus, giving you a smoother more attractive under eye look.

Positive results become visible immediately and increase substantially with continued use.

Get Beautiful Eyes Now!

                                                 Special Retail Price $39.00
                                                           15ml Airless Pump

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Instructions For Use:

Product is effective for all skin types (oily, dry, light and dark ethnicity) and ages (equally effective anti-aging performance for twenty year old or sixty year old skin).

After cleansing your face AM and PM apply a small amount under the eye and above the eye as you choose.

For better results apply a little extra before going to bed.

Apply at the corner of your eyes to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Gently rub the product in and allow 5 or 10 minutes to soak in before applying makeup. Apply only as much product as your skin will absorb (unless you wish to apply 'a little extra' before bed.

If product gets in the eye simply wash out with saline solution or water and start over.
Luminance can be used with any of our other products and has no known contraindications.

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