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Anti Wrinkle Cream - 
When is it Time for One?

anti wrinkle cream

The anti wrinkle cream has been marketed to the aging woman for many years. These creams are associated with reducing the signs of aging and improving the overall health of the skin. What causes your first wrinkle? Can you buy an anti wrinkle cream that really works?

Wrinkles are folds and creases in the skin. In aging skin, the normal process of birthing new skin cells becomes compromised. Your skin cells start dying without replicating and that orderly organization of your skin cells you had when you were younger that were all arranged into nice neat rows and columns now starts looking chaotic. The skin becomes thinner and wrinkles start to become visible. 

Also collagen fibers, which are found in the dermis layer of your skin and which help to maintain the integrity of the skin. Decrease in number, and organization, while the smooth and ribbon-like elastin fibers which are also found in the dermis and which enable the skin to regain its normal shape after stretching, become coarser, denser, and less resilient. Any anti-wrinkle cream to be effective needs to address these causes.

Wrinkles have intrinsic (inside) and extrinsic (outside) causes. The main intrinsic cause of your skin cells dying is nutrition and toxins. The food were eating even it is organic is deficient in vital nutrients our cells need. Our farmer are being paid by the weight of their crops and not the nutritional content. To make matters worse most of our digestive systems are compromised and our ability to extract nutrients from food is not good.

What’s the result of this? People are becoming overweight and undernourished. Your body’s main concern is you staying alive, it doesn’t care if you’re pretty. When you eat your food the body will always give your vital organs priority over your skin cells for scarce nutrients. So to look young again or to keep that youthful look we have to feed our cells a vast array of bio-available nutrients without adding any toxic load. 

Toxins compound the problem because we are over exposed to toxins in our food, water, shampoo, deodorants, toothpaste, hair products and even most anti-wrinkle creams. When your cells are exposed to these toxins the cells become damaged and die. The best anti wrinkle cream is to feed your cells what they need to birth new life and stop exposing your body to toxins and get the toxins out that are floating around in your blood and lymph systems and in your fat cells. 

Could that sagging-wrinkled fatty skin on the neck and jowls be skin that is overloaded with toxins in the fatty tissues? Aside from eating more fruits and vegetables, Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM is an excellent product that will address the causes of your wrinkles. This product applied directly on your face and bypassing the digestive system will feed your cells a vast array of nutrients while pulling toxins out of your skin. The long term effects of this product are amazing.

If you want the best anti wrinkle cream try Natural Fusion Face Lift CreamTM You instantly get smoother, toned more glowing skin.

The main extrinsic cause of your skin cells dying is the sun which is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. It brings light to the earth, warmth to the water and food and to the entire population. Actually we couldn’t live even a few seconds without our sun. It is a fundamental element to all life. This same sun, however, can cause wrinkles. The simple fact is that exposure to the sun can damage the skin. 

However some sun is good but not to much. When you get sunburn even as a child this damage may not show until over time you have killed off enough of your cells for the effects to become visible. Usually wrinkles are the first sign of aging and that is when you start shopping for an anti wrinkle cream. Sunscreen or reducing your exposure to the sun is an essential anti wrinkle cream ingredient. But most sunscreens don’t have adequate UVA protection make sure yours does. 

Also remember what folks did before sunscreen. Farmers wore long sleeve shirts and always wore hats. Women also wore large bonnets on their heads to protect them from the sun. Also a lot of sunscreens contain toxic chemicals so be careful about the overuse of sunscreens. There is nothing wrong with sitting in the shade with a hat on. Prevention is critical to any anti aging program and will make your choice of an anti wrinkle cream more effective.

Starting the Anti Aging Process Early

The power of prevention is important to any anti aging program. Women especially are beginning their preventative skin care regimes earlier all the time. From the teenage years into the 80s and beyond, women are improving skin health and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face by taking care of their skin. There are many methods of skin care that can reduce the signs of aging, including an anti wrinkle cream. 

Moisturizing the skin is a practice women and men of all ages need to do in order to keep the skin healthy and strong. But it is no substitute for drinking plenty of fresh life giving water. In other words don’t think you can drink pop and coffee all day and then apply a moisturizer to your skin at night. Remember that to truly Anti age you have to create an environment for your cells to birth new life and aging is the dying of your cells. So start making better choices in everthing you do including your decision of which anti wrinkle cream you purchase. 

Make sure you read the ingredients and go for one ideally that contains nothing but all natural ingredients and stay away from the ones loaded with chemicals and preservatives. It’s hard to find an anti wrinkle cream in stores that is all natural and actually works but if you look hard enough you’ll find one and your skin will start improving and those wrinkles will slowly diminish. 

Of course we think Natural Fusion Face Lift CreamTM is the best anti wrinkle cream ever developed but there are other products out there. Your facial skin cells need more than a few ingredients for renewal so don’t be fooled with slick advertising when making your decision of which anti wrinkle cream your going to purchase.

This is the most profound anti wrinkle cream ever developed

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