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Facelift Alternatives are Safer Alternatives

Facelift Alternatives

Are you looking for facelift alternatives that doesn’t carry the risk and the expense of a traditional facelift? Before you go any further in your research you need to answer this question first. Why is your skin sagging? Or what is causing your skin to sag so that now you’re looking into either a facelift alternative or maybe even a traditional facelift.

The main reasons for sagging skin are muscle, fat and connective fibers. Let talk about the fibers first. The two main connective fibers are collagen fibers, which are found in the dermis and which help to maintain the integrity of the skin. When they start decreasing in density, number, and organization and when you combine that with the smooth and ribbon-like elastin fibers, which are also found in the dermis and which enable the skin to regain its normal shape after stretching and start becoming coarser, denser, and less resilient sagging skin becomes evident. Now just like if you have flabby legs and you start walking or jogging your legs will tighten and tone. The same holds true for the muscles of the face. Fat is interesting in the sense that it is the biggest contributor of sagging skin. Virtually all facelift alternatives or even traditional facelifts revolve around fat being the biggest cause of sagging skin. Why is that?

Fat is a very safe place for your body to store toxins. There is whole new theory in science looking at obesity as a symptom of toxicity. Your face has fat between the skin and muscle. As more and more toxins are stored in those fat cells the cells become heavier and to compound the problem the cells in the collagen and elastin fibers aren’t receiving the level of nutrients for them to birth new life so they start disintegrating and lose their strength. With that added weight and reduced strength over time sagging skin becomes progressively more visible. 

Maybe to the point you want to do something about it. One of the best products to tighten tone and lift is Natural Fusion Facelift CreamTM. You put it directly on the skin and it feeds your skin cells nutrients they can use to rebuild your connective fibers.

The facelift alternatives available to women and men today can reduce the lines around the mouth and the crows feet around the eyes most often associated with aging. While cosmetic surgery requires a surgical procedure where the risks can sometimes be death and over the long term the benefits diminish. Facelift Alternatives are becoming more popular. 

As is the case with any surgery, a facelift carries significant risks. Complications with anesthesia, imperfections in the facial pull and the pulling of skin too tight across the face are all risks associated with the facelift. When there are facelift alternatives available that work with the natural processes of the body to the same end as the cosmetic surgery, why would the risk be worth the reward?

The Cost Adds More Than Beauty

The risk of having major surgery to reduce the signs of aging is enough, but the cost only compounds the situation. The average cost of a facelift ranges from $6,000 to $15,000. If there are any complications with the procedures, the cost could grow exponentially. The consumer should also remember this cost does not take into account time lost from work, pain and the cost of prescription medications. By the time the surgery and healing process is complete, the real cost of the surgical facelift can reach $25,000 or more. 

Face lift alternatives are less expensive than surgical facelifts. During the facelift procedure, the surgeon will cut out chunks of muscle and skin and then suture the shortened muscles and skin which gives the effect of tighter facial skin. 

What are the Most Popular Alternatives to the Facelift?

Two popular face lift alternatives are chemical peels and dermabrasion. These procedures were once allowed only under the care of a dermatologist, but are now available in over the counter versions. These face lift alternatives are not without risk. Working with your body to facilitate cellular renewal is the best facelift alternative. That means dealing with the cause which is cellular nutrition and toxins. 

Chemical peels work as a two step process, in most cases. The first step is the peel and the second is the moisturizing. First a toxic chemical is applied to the face and left on long enough to kill your upper layer of skin cells. After the chemical is rinsed away with the layer of dead skin cells, a moisturizer is used to rehydrate the skin and calm and soothe the irritation caused by the chemical. Giving your skin cells the ability to birth and shed those skin cells on their own is a better facelift alternative. That requires getting out the toxins and pushing in the nutrients. Transdermal Face FoodTM does that very effectively. 

Dermabrasion is very similar to sanding the surface of the skin. Using a small tool with a rotating exfoliation pad, the uppermost layer of the skin is removed. This causes damage to the skin so the body is forced to speed up new cell growth. It can temporarily reduce the appearance of deeper facial lines. Our Biozyme Skin PeelTM will safely remove the upper layer of skin cells.

There are many more from poking holes in your face with needles to using chemicals with light therapy. But the bottom line is it’s your face and you have the right to choose what facelift alternative is right for you. Be careful in your choice, in this lifetime you only have your one face so choose wisely. The facelift alternative we recommend is one that works naturally with your body, not where trauma is inflicted on your body to force it to make new skin cells. 

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