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Facelift Cream for 
Reducing Fine Lines

Facelift Cream

Most of the facelift creams being sold don’t really lift they work mainly to reduce fine lines? For a face lift cream to actually lift and tighten your skin they would have to provide an environment for collagen and elastin fibers to renew and become stronger. They are like rubber bands that pull your skin tight. While there are several different specialized ingredients used to formulate a facelift cream, nearly all of these ingredients just work to temporarily plump up the skin thus creating the illusion of smoother firmer skin. 

But most commercial facelift creams usually only have a temporary effect smoothing out the areas of the face prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Generally the way they work is through adding moisture to the skin. Some products are targeted to the smaller areas of the face like the eyes or the corners of the mouth. While some face lift cream products are targeted more for overall facial sag due to fat loss or weight loss.

The anti aging skin care products aimed at the smallest lines on the face are often the most popular. With age fine lines start becoming visible around the eyes commonly known as crow’s feet. These lines can age the face 10 or 20 years in just a couple of months. Many anti aging products will include ingredients targeting these small areas of the face and plumping up the skin in those areas. If the skin appears fuller, the lines will become less visible. The same goes for a facelift cream targeting the area around the mouth.

How Long Until Results are Evident?

If the results you’re wanting from a face lift cream are tighter more toned skin with less sag then you need to purchase a product that targets the cause. The cause is the dying off of the cells that make up your facial muscles, collagen fibers, elastin fibers and your skin matrix. The main cause of the destruction of these cells is they are not being fed the vast array of nutrients from your food they need for renewal and exposure to toxins. Natural Fusion Facelift CreamTM is the best over the counter face lift cream, if you want something better you will need to see a plastic surgeon.  It instantly gives you tighter, more toned, glowing skin.  Also our clay face mask Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM goes directly on your face feeding your skin the vast array of nutrients it needs bypassing the digestive system and while its feeding, moisturizing, exfoliating, hydrating and renewing your skin cells it is also pulling out the toxins, dirt and grime embedded in your skin. With regular use the effects on the skin are amazing.

When shopping for a face lift cream always look for a product that is all natural with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Ideally you want something that you can use for years and years with the anti aging benefits accruing the longer you use the product. If your using a product with synthetic chemicals and preservative the longer you use it the more your exposing your cells to toxins with the result of a greater destruction of your cells. Remember aging is the destruction of your cells and Anti Aging is creating the environment to birth new cells. Make sure any anti aging product you use whether it’s a face lift cream, Wrinkle Cream or any product you use in your total Anti Aging System is creating an environment for your cells to birth new cells.

Weight Loss and Facial Aging

Weight loss is a healthy choice for people who are carrying extra weight. Being overweight can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes among other health issues. After a significant weight loss, the skin on the face may sag and wrinkles may appear far sooner than they would have with the natural aging process. A facelift cream will have to contain ingredients that are powerful toners to be effective with this problem. 

With the fat no longer plumping up the skin the skin hasn’t had time to shrink to accommodate the new level of reduced fat. Toners originally were used more for teeth than skin. Your teeth will fall out if your gums become loose. An astringent was used to tighten the gums and hold the teeth in the mouth. They work by causing the protein molecules they come into contact with to coagulate (group closer together) thus creating a tightening effect. 

Most face lift creams are designed to just provide a temporary effect. A quality facelift cream like Natural Fusion Fast-Firming Face Lift CreamTM will not only give you an immediate tightening and toning of your skin but over time its effect will keep increasing.

Other products that make the claim of a facelift cream can be very expensive and do nothing more than create a temporary effect or no effect at all while draining your pocketbook. Shop wisely and go for a quality all natural product that really works and make sure that just because it says all natural it doesn’t contain toxic preservatives or synthetic chemicals. Always read the label.

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