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Acne Face Mask

Make Your Own Acne-Face-Mask


This acne-face-mask is the best natural solution for controling acne. Although not life-threatening, acne is a dreaded skin condition because it spoils the looks of the skin and can be difficult to control. Fortunately there are solutions. Besides being a great anti-aging product, Nature’s Transdermal Face Food is also an excellent acne face mask.

Acne develops when the sebaceous glands over-produce sebum, which is oil that your body produces to keep your skin soft and smooth. When those glands begin to work overtime, as they do in adolescence, your skin becomes oilier.

Sometimes the duct that carries this oil to the surface of your skin gets blocked; dead skin cells and sebum accumulate, forming a plug. Using an acne-face-mask for dissolving those plugs is crucial for the control of acne. If the plug stays below the surface of the skin, it is called a whitehead. If the plug enlarges and pops out of the duct, it is called a blackhead because the tip is dark. This is not dirt and will not wash away. The discoloration is due to a buildup of melanin, the dark pigment in the skin.

Sebum producing cells are found all over the body, but there are more on the face, upper chest, and back, which explains why acne usually occurs in these places.

The Cause and Some Successful Solutions for Acne

Acne is caused by clogged pores in the skin. The solution lies in finding a method to unplug those pores so that more severe problems don't have a chance to develop. Acne is not something to take lightly, it can cause an accumulation of deadly bacteria and inflammation and if left untreated, you could find yourself in a doctors office or worse, a surgeons office.

Nature’s Transdermal Face Food is an Acne-Face-Mask that can help pull those whiteheads and blackheads out of your skin. It also infuses the skin with Jojoba oil which is the only oil that is similar to your skin's natural sebum. Because of its similarity, it can help tell the body to stop producing so much oil and put the brakes on the cycle of acne developing.

Making your own Acne Face Mask

If you don't want to purchase an acne-face-mask and instead want to make your own; then the following are some homemade acne face mask recipes that can be helpful and you can make them with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Tomato Acne Face Mask

This mask is easy to make. Mix 1 teaspoon tomato juice, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1/2 teaspoon camphor lotion until it becomes pasty. Apply on a clean face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water followed with a cold water rinse.

Oatmeal Mask

Cook non-flavored oats according to directions. Cool a half cup of oats and mix with water to a pasty consistency. Apply on a clean face and let dry. After 15 minutes, rinse gently with tap water. Repeat the routine for a week.

To help with acne infection, puree one small chopped onion and blend with the cooked oatmeal. Add a teaspoon of honey to help let the oatmeal mask stick on the face. Rinse off with tap water after 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse again with cold water.

Egg White Acne Face Mask

Whisk the juice of lemon and egg white until it becomes frothy. Before applying it on the face, make sure that the face is clean and dry. Spread the mixture evenly on infected areas and let it stay on for 15 minutes. Rinse with tap water and later with cold water to close the pores.

Baking Soda Acne Face Mask

Make a paste with the baking soda and water mix. Use small amounts of baking soda and water; increase baking soda if you placed too much water or the other way around. Apply to face and let it sit for 15 minutes; rinse well with tap water and moisturize your face because this mask can dry the skin.

When deciding on an acne-face-mask, always go for as natural a mask as possible. If you opt to purchase one, make sure the ingredients are all natural like you will find in Nature’s Transdermal Face Food. You now have some excellent options to help you control your acne, whether you buy an acne-face-mask or make one of your own!

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