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Acne erupts at puberty and usually tapers off as one ages. To decide what Acne Skin Care routine is best for you, its helpful to understand how and why acne even develops. 


Understanding acne will help you decide what products you want to include in your acne program. Choosing the right Acne Skin Care can help control or at least minimize the problem. Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM is an excellent all natural product in your fight against acne. The following are some useful tips that can also help control your acne.

Understanding Acne

Acne develops when the sebaceous glands over-produce sebum which is oil that your body produces to keep your skin soft and smooth.

What causes acne to develop is when those glands begin to work overtime, as they do in adolescence, your skin becomes oilier. Most people call this teen acne or teenager acne. However adults can have this problem and it is called adult acne. People with this problem will need to have an effective general Acne Skin Care program.

Sometimes the duct that carries this oil to the surface of your skin gets blocked; cells and sebum accumulate, forming a plug. If the plug stays below the surface of the skin, it is called a whitehead. If the plug enlarges and pops out of the duct, it is called a blackhead because the tip is dark. This is not dirt and will not wash away. The discoloration is due to a buildup of melanin, the dark pigment in the skin.

Sebum producing cells are found all over the body, but there are more on the face, upper chest, and back, which explains why acne usually occurs in these places. Any effective acne skin care treatment needs to address those areas.

Preventing Acne

In addition to puberty, a number of other factors can cause, trigger or contribute to the development of all forms of acne.

Some drugs--including certain hormones, epilepsy drugs, and anti-tuberculosis medicines--can cause acne.

Exposure to industrial oils and grease and chemicals, such as PCBs, can cause acne. Staying away from these chemicals is important for your acne skin care.

The bacteria Corynebacterium can indirectly contribute to the development of acne by causing skin fats to break down into irritating chemicals.

Stress and strong emotions, such as guilt, anxiety and fear, can trigger acne. Why not make meditation a part of your acne-skin-care treatment?

For women, the onset of the menstrual period each month can trigger or worsen acne. 60 to 70 percent of women notice that acne gets worse the week before menstruation.

Birth control pills may contribute to acne problems for some women. Perplexingly, they cause acne in some cases and clear it up in others.

Some oily cosmetics and shampoos can trigger acne in people who have a predisposition for break outs.

Avoiding these triggers should be part of your acne skin care treatment program.

Dispelling the Myths

Contrary to old wives tales, pigging out on chocolate and staying up late at night does not cause acne. Nonetheless, some people do notice that certain things they eat or drink do seem to trigger their acne.

So, if you have oily skin and hair will you automatically have to adopt an acne skin care treatment program? Not necessarily, although there is an association between the severity of acne and the amount of oil produced by the skin, not all people with oily skin have acne, whereas some people with dry skin do.

Acne sufferers often report that their acne improves in the summer, leading to the belief that the sun has a modifying effect. A recent Swedish study on the influence of sunlight on skin found that the majority of people with acne experienced improvement after exposure to sun. Why is that? Some think it might be because of an increase in Vitamin D production through exposure to sunlight. But there doesn't seem to be agreement in the scientific community on what really causes this improvement.

One thing is certain, though. The idea that the sun improves acne by drying out greasy skin is incorrect. Sun increases oil production, which is why people tend to have oilier skin in the summer.

Clearing Up Acne

An important part of any acne skin care system is to deeply clean the pores of the skin. Most soaps and cleansers are just surface cleansers. Because clays can provide the benefit of deep cleaning for your skin, using an acne mask can be an important tool in controlling acne. A clay mask that can dig down deep into your pores and clean like Nature's Transdermal Face FoodTM, can be a valuable weapon in your fight against acne.

A few special clays are being studied for their ability to help with un-wanted bacteria which can also be valuable in your fight against acne. The clay we use in Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM is one of the types of clay being studied for those properties. It can also feed your skin cells a wealth of nutrients, so your skin can renew and repair any damage.

Keeping your body clean is important so practicing ordinary hygiene by washing your whole body at least once daily with a mild non-toxic soap or cleanser. Purchase skin cleansers that don't have any chemicals and synthetic preservatives in them as part of your acne-skin-care routine.

Avoid any food or drink you know is a trigger.

If these measures don't work or your acne gets out of control, go see a dermatologist.

While it might be tempting to pick at pimples and squeeze blackheads, this can injure the skin and underlying tissues. Doctors advise patients not to pick pimples. Medical instruments called comedo extractors are used to remove blackheads. Some doctors may suggest that their patients use such an instrument themselves. Other doctors would rather remove the blackheads in their office or clinic because of a risk of scarring.

Treating Serious Acne with Drugs and Surgery

It’s wise to not let acne develop to the point where you have to use these medical options. Start an acne skin care routine early and maybe the following treatments can be avoided.

A popular drug dermatologists prescribe for serious acne is tretinoin, commonly known as Retin-A. A derivative of vitamin A, Retin-A comes in cream, gel and liquid forms and is rubbed onto the skin once nightly. It is highly effective for treating blackhead acne and modestly effective for treating pimples and pustules.

One of the main side effects of Retin-A which occurs in all users, is a heightened susceptibility to sunlight. Therefore, those who use Retin-A should stay out of the sun as much as possible. Another common side effect of Retin-A is drying, irritation or peeling of the skin.

For very severe, disfiguring acne unresponsive to the treatments mentioned above, the doctor may prescribe Accutane. Also a vitamin A derivative, Accutane is taken orally in capsule form. It is highly effective for treating severe cystic acne and preventing the deep pits and scars that result. Scientists aren't sure how Accutane works, but evidence suggests that it reduces the size of the sebaceous gland and the amount of sebum secreted. However, the success of this drug does not come without a cost. Women should use Accutane with extreme caution, because it can cause miscarriage and birth defects. If a woman becomes pregnant while taking the drug, there is a great possibility that her baby will be born deformed. Therefore, Accutane's use is tightly regulated by the FDA.

In addition to the danger of a birth defects and of miscarriage, there are a number of other side effects associated with Accutane. Ninety percent of those who take the drug experience inflammation of the lips and, less frequently, with the eyes and a high percent experience a drying of the skin, nose or mouth.

In severe cases of acne, the dermatologist may have to surgically drain large pustules or abscesses. Plastic surgery is also sometimes used to make deeply pitted and scarred skin less visible.

The best option is to start an acne-skin-care program early and not let it develop into serious acne. Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM is an excellent natural product to deeply clean pores and provide nutrients for your skin to repair and renew itself. Its a product that can play a valuable role in any acne skin care program.

However unpleasant and embarrassing acne is, it usually begins, peaks, and runs its course in adolescence, slowly fading away in early adulthood. During those critical teen years, is when acne skin care needs to be implemented. 

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