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3-Day-Facelift: A Natural and Safe Alternative to Skin Anti-Aging

A 3-day-facelift that works wonders on aging skin? This is truly a natural breakthrough in the search for the fountain of youth that works!

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All-Natural Facelift Wonder


Aging is a slow process. Over time toxins can accumulate and your skin cells don’t receive the nutrients they need for repair and renewal. You notice it when one day you look in the mirror and see a few brown spots and tiny lines on the brow and the outside corner of the eye area. If left untreated, they get worse and become more noticeable. Thanks to new discoveries about the healing power of nature, there are several options available to delay your skin's aging process.

Cosmetic surgery has been the most popular treatment along with chemically prepared skin creams and lotions. Unfortunately, these have negative side effects, in addition to being very costly. Women and men who want to look as young as possible are now turning to natural anti-aging treatments such as the 3-day-facelift treatment.

This facelift treatment does not involve painful and expensive surgery but it is simply a diet regimen of fresh fruits and veggies, salmon, green tea, oats, and lots of water, along with a mask of Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM applied to your face. And daily use of our luxury Natural Fusion face Lift Cream, Cleansing your face with our ”Luxury Clay SoapTM and applying this ”Organic LotionTM to all parts of your body.

After three days of this amazing anti-aging program, inspect the quality of your skin and you will be amazed at the improvement. The results may vary due to varying skin conditions and the degree of aging.

The Diet

It’s not really hard to stick to diets. You just have to eat more of the foods you should be eating anyway and avoid mainly red meat and dairy. If you are determined to save your skin from further deterioration due to aging, strictly follow this 3-day-facelift diet and you will understand the impact nutrition has on your health and the way your skin looks. Just applying applying our products to your skin will have a profound anti-aging effect. Combined with a healthy diet, you will be amazed at your new look.

For breakfast, rolled oats with some fruits such as berries and almonds are recommended. Wash this down with green tea. For lunch have grilled salmon, veggies moistened with olive oil, and a big slice of cantaloupe. Don’t forget the green tea. For dinner, it is another round of salmon seasoned with miso. For your side dish, have a great serving of grilled or steamed vegetables or salad and freshen up with green tea.

For snacks, you are allowed fruits, fresh raw vegetables and any quality vegan protein shake available at most health food stores. Make sure you drink two of these a day and your hunger will greatly diminish. All these should be washed down with green tea. Vary the seasoning for your salmon and salads to add variety to your diet and to help you stick to the diet for three days. Use the above as a guideline and vary it according to your personal preference. Try to stick with the basic elements which include fish, fruits, vegetables, green tea, vegan protein shakes, and lots of water.

Anti-Aging Maintenance

While on the 3-day-facelift diet, make sure you nourish your facial skin with Nature’s Transdermal Face FoodTM mask, moisturize your face with ”MystiqueTM, cleanse with our ”Luxury Clay SoapTM and apply the ”Organic LotionTM to all parts of your body. Remember to hydrate your body by drinking lots of water. The overall effect is stunning. Your skin will feel dewy to the touch, and look younger and suppler.

Switch your make-up to natural based cosmetics to keep your skin younger looking. These cosmetics use Mica, Titanium, iron oxides, and zinc oxide. Avoid cosmetics with bismuth oxycholoride, propylene glycol, talc, and parabens. Make anti-aging skin care a habit. The younger you start, the better the results for your skin. Order Nature's Transdermal Facefood along with our other products and start your 3-day-facelift now, you won't be dissapointed. 

The Ultimate Home Facial-Start Reducing wrinkles-fine lines, get a natural facelift, clear acne, age-spots, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis in 15 minutes, click this link to learn how

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Additional Info For Your 3-Day-Facelift 

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